MIME Medtech Industry Innovators Day - Thursday 23 June

On Thursday 23 June 2016, MIME will host its first annual MIME Medtech Industry Innovators Day. This event is part of our series of forums to bring together clinicians, researchers and industry leaders at the forefront of medtech product innovation, to explore new opportunities for collaboration.

The day will include a series of seminars presented by industry leaders who are driving growth of the medtech sector and improved patient outcomes through innovation. Some of our speakers include:

George Margelis, Intel – Digital Health
Paul D’Urso, Anatomics – 3D Printing revolution in Healthcare
Tim Staker – Cabrini Technologies – Integrating Healthcare
David Rhodes – Admedus – New materials for Regenerative Medicine
Derek Minihane – Cochlear – Building an Innovative Culture
Sam Lanyon – Planet Innovation – Make it real: beyond R&D to product development
Kathy Connell – J&J New Ventures – Innovation models
Elpis Barons – Trajan Scientific and Medical – Trajan Accelerator
Sue MacLeman – MTPConnect – Growth through innovation and collaboration

A series of seminars presented by our researchers and clinicians at the forefront of new technologies that will underpin the next generation of medical technologies will also be conducted throughout the day. Some of the themes throughout the day will include:

Wearables, sensors and monitoring
Surgical simulation and training
New diagnostic platforms
Biomaterials and regenerative medicine
Medical robotics and 3D printing
Neuro devices and imaging
Health ICT and bioinformatics

In the afternoon a panel Q&A session will be available for all attendees to hear about funding schemes that support collaborative medtech projects. This event is now fully subscribed. To be put on the waiting list or for further details regarding the MIME Medtech Industry Innovators Day please contact MIME's Executive Officer, Susan Newland susan.newland@monash.edu