2016 Victorian BioMed Honours & PhD Expo - Attract New Students!

Attract potential students for Honours and PhD projects!

The 2016 Victorian Honours & PhD Expo Hosted by UROP@BioMedVic is scheduled for Friday, 22 July from 4.00pm - 6.00pm at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. MIME has secured a booth at this event. The event is designed to showcase opportunities for Honours and PhD projects for 2017 and hence is an excellent opportunity for supervisors to attract new students. All MIME researchers are welcome to join the MIME booth or supply us with a one page flyer to hand out to potential students on the day and one slide to include as part of our rolling slide presentation. We strongly encourage MIME funded PhD scholarship teams who have not yet secured a suitable applicant for their project to participate in this event. Please contact MIME's Executive Officer, Susan Newland susan.newland@monash.edu if you would like to participate in this event as a MIME affiliate.