2016 MIME Seed Fund - Phase 2 Now Open

Phase 1 of the 2016 MIME Seed Fund has now closed. As part of the phase 1 round, we received over 50 excellent proposals from clinician researchers from the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. In this first phase clinician researchers from our partner hospitals were invited to outline areas of unmet clinical need that could potentially be addressed by engineering and IT innovation. The proposals received covered a broad range of clinical areas, such as cardiovascular, neuro and mental health, musculoskeletal, surgical training, trauma, cancer, digital health and imaging and diagnostics, regenerative medicine, and remote patient monitoring. The accepted proposals can be viewed on the MIME website http://monash.edu/mime/funding/phase-1/.

Phase 2 is now open – we invite all Monash researchers to peruse the clinical opportunities put forward in phase 1 to identify how your research expertise could potentially contribute to solving a major clinical need. The range of research expertise needed is also very broad – such as biomaterials, microfluidics, sensors, mechatronics, wearable technologies, image analysis, data mining, industrial design, CFD, biomarkers and bioinformatics, nanotechnology, decision support and app development.

For those topics where you have relevant expertise and are interested in being part of the solution team, please contact the clinician researcher to discuss the area further. Contact details for each clinician are available on the MIME website within each phase 1 application http://monash.edu/mime/funding/phase-1/.

As many of the clinical needs will require a multidisciplinary team to solve the challenge, MIME is able to assist in arranging workshops or brainstorming sessions for potential team members. Please contact MIME's Executive Officer, Susan Newland susan.newland@monash.edu

When your team has formulated a proposed R&D program that addresses the clinical challenge, the lead researcher should submit a phase 2 application for MIME seed funding. This form is available to download from the MIME website http://monash.edu/mime/funding/about-mime-seed-fund.html

Up to $50,000 may be requested per project area, to deliver a meaningful outcome within 12-18 months. An additional $50,000 maybe requested if your research team includes one or more CSIRO collaborators. 

Phase 2 applications must be submitted to Susan Newland, susan.newland@monash.edu by Wednesday, 6 July. Any Monash staff member may submit the application or be part of the team, but the team must include the initiating clinician researcher, and a researcher from either Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of IT. In phase 2, only submissions directly responding to a clinical opportunity put forward in phase 1 are eligible for MIME seed funding.