Director Jeffrey Rosenfeld welcomes readers to MIME News

Welcome to the first MIME newsletter. MIME was formed nearly a year ago to foster and grow interdisciplinary research in engineering, medicine and science at Monash University. Our goal is to develop or improve new medical technologies for clinical application. We are a ‘virtual institute’ with our offices in the New Horizon’s building at the Clayton Campus, but we have staff engaged in MIME affiliated projects across Monash University. We aim to increase collaborations between clinicians at the Monash Affiliated Hospitals and Clinical Schools and engineers and scientists across the themes of cardiovascular, pulmonary, bone and joint, neural and regenerative medicine and therapeutics. We are also stimulating strong industry engagement with Monash researchers.

The primary focus of the MIME newsletter is to inform our researchers of key events at MIME, new opportunities for research funding and awards, the recent achievements of our affiliated researchers and items of general interest. The MIME Seed Funding grants for interdisciplinary research projects are announced here and these provide a fantastic opportunity for new collaborative research at Monash University and beyond. But note the timeline is short but at least we are not expecting an ARC or NHMRC application! Our PhD Scholarship program is being launched and we are now organizing focused seminars, workshops, and further affinity meetings to explore new collaborative research ideas.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions how MIME can serve you in the future. We are also open to your ideas about fundraising for MIME and your research.