A Message from Heather St John - MIME COO

The first half of 2015 has been busy for MIME. We have welcomed new staff to the team, facilitated several multidisciplinary workshops, hosted a number of industry showcase meetings, and coordinated a number of major grant and proposal submissions. 

We now have our full 'core' team, including Deputy Director, Professor Laurence Meagher, who will be leading the development of MIME's research strategy and PhD program, MIME Executive Officer Ms Susan Newland, who is assisting with coordination of MIME events, communications, and proposals and MIME lab manager, Ms Karla Contreras, who will be providing training for MIME PhD students.

Our efforts in the second half of 2015 will continue to focus on fostering and strengthening  collaborative multidisciplinary research aimed at developing new medical technologies. Many great ideas have emerged in our prior Affinity meetings and workshops, and the MIME seed fund is now available to 'kick-start' these collaborative programs.

In the second half of 2015 we will expand our range of opportunities for MIME members to connect and exchange ideas, with the MIME seminar series soon to commence, as well as targeted workshops, in areas such as surgical training, 3D printing, regenerative medicine and robotics. 

Heather St John is the Chief Operating Officer of Monash Institute of Medical Engineering, MIME, and is responsible for the management and coordination of MIME’s activities including workshops, seed-funding programs, proposal development and industry, and government engagement.