Update on PhD Scholarships

The student application process for the MIME PhD scholarships is opening soon. Information relating to each of the projects and how to apply will be available via the MIME website from Monday, 18 April. We encourage you to distribute information relating to the potential projects to your networks and perspective students.

The portfolio of available PhD project topics has been established via the 2015 seed fund process. For unmet clinical needs that require a challenging longer term research program, appropriate PhD projects were scoped by the multidisciplinary solution teams. 

We are now actively seeking applications from prospective students, interested in carrying out world-leading medical engineering research in these project areas. These students will have the benefit of a truly multidisciplinary learning experience, being co-supervised by both the clinical champion and the leading STEM academics and mentored by the broader research team. 

16 PhD living allowance scholarships have been made available for the MIME projects through the generous contributions of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of IT, Central Clinical School, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, School of Clinical Science Monash Health, Monash Health, the Alfred Foundation, Alfred Health Research Trust and CSIRO. 

Further information is available on the MIME website