Ramaciotti Health Investment Grants
Ramaciotti Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research
As trustee of the Ramaciotti Foundations, Perpetual would like to advise that applications are now open for the 2016 Ramaciotti Awards.   

2016 Ramaciotti Awards
Ramaciotti Health Investment Grants of up to $150,000 are awarded to individuals in universities, public hospitals or institutes for a contribution towards the undertaking of health or medical research, with the potential path to clinical application within five years. A Health Investment grant is intended to provide enabling research support for an autonomous, early career investigator who is taking, or has recently taken, a substantive position.

Ramaciotti Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research
The Ramaciotti Medal is an annual award of $50,000. The Medal honours an individual who has made an outstanding discovery (or discoveries) in clinical or experimental biomedical research that has had an important impact on biomedical science, clinical science, or the way in which healthcare is delivered.


For more information on the Awards, conditions, and how to apply, please visit the Ramaciotti website.

If you intend to apply for a Ramaciotti Award, please advise the Faculty Research Office (, as external editorial assistance on your application is available through Monash University's Prizes & Awards Strategy.​

The CASS Foundation 
The objective of The CASS Foundation is to fund programs and projects which have the capacity to provide a benefit to a significant sector of the Australian community.

In the field of education, CASS has a preference for funding innovative, curriculum-based projects which are sustainable in the long term and which may have the potential to be exemplars for change. CASS also considers need and disadvantage in its grant-making decisions.

In medicine and science, CASS supports short term ‘proof of concept’ research in promising topic areas, which if validated, have the potential to attract longer-term funding and to contribute to better practice and delivery of services.

CASS travel grants fill a need for early career post-doctoral researchers to attend and participate in overseas conferences to further their professional development and establish contact with their international peers and research collaborators.

CASS provides annual grants for research and development in science and medicine. Each year the grant Guidelines and Application Form and process are reviewed in the light of past experience, changing circumstances and developments which might affect our prime focus. In 2015, the Foundation funded a further round of Grants in accordance with published Guidelines. A further round will be funded in 2016.

2016 Medicine/Science Grants round 
The 2016 Medicine/Science grant round will open on 15th August 2016, when the online Application portal will become available. Further details regarding the CASS Foundation is available through their website