MIME PhD Scholarships Awarded in 2015

MIME offers postgraduate students the opportunity to study with some of Australia's leading medical engineering researchers and clinicians.

As part of phase I of the 2015 MIME Seed Fund round, clinicians submitting an unmet clinical need proposal were asked if they would be interested in the project being a PhD scholarship. Additionally, as part of phase II of the 2015 MIME Seed Fund round, researchers were asked to indicate if they would be interested in funding in the form of a PhD scholarship. 

As a result, 17 projects were identified as PhD projects and were offered PhD funding. Additionally, 3 summer school projects were also awarded. 

As with the 2015 MIME Seed Fund round, we would like to thank all clinicians who submitted an unmet clinical need identifying that the project was a suitable PhD topic and all researchers who submitted a project proposal response. We extend our congratulations to the successful project teams below. 

Applications for the PhD scholarships will be welcomed in 2016 via the MIME website www.monash.edu/mime or by contacting Professor Laurence Meagher, Deputy Director, Director of Research, MIME laurence.meagher@monash.edu

Clinical champion
Project title
Short description
from Eng/IT
MIME 2015 PhD Scholarship Awardees
Cardiovascular and lung disease
Professor David Kaye
Heart attack
Develop 3D-printed muscle patch for heart repair
Professor Laurence Meagher (ENG)
Dr Almar Postma (CSIRO)
Alfred Health
Dr Randall Moshinsky
Cardiac surgery
Develop minimally invasive surgical needle holder for complex cardiac procedures, improving quality and reducing cardiac surgery times
Professor Bijan Shirinzadeh (ENG), Dr Chao Chen (ENG), Dr Bernard Chen (ENG)
Monash Health
Associate Professor Bing Wang, Professor Anthony Dart
Wearable cardiac rhythm monitor
Development of a wearable, non-invasive monitor of cardiac rhythm for long term, 24 h monitoring of at risk patients
Professor Wenlong Cheng (ENG)
Associate Professor Bing Wang (AH)
Alfred Health
Musculoskeletal disease
Professor Flavia Cicuttini
Hand osteoarthritis
Develop a non-invasive therapy based on high-intensity ultrasound
Professor Sunita Chauhan (ENG), Professor Malin Premaratne (ENG)
Professor Catriona McLean (AH)
Alfred Health

Dr Stehphen Tham

Synthetic ligaments
Synthetic ligaments – develop a synthetic material that replicates the properties of normal ligament.
Professor Neil Cameron (Eng)

Monash Health
Regenerative medicine
Dr Heather Cleland, Mr Stephen Goldie
Burn injuries
Develop a tissue engineered skin substitute, which will enable rapid and permanent wound closure, as well as functional and aesthetic reconstruction
Professor Neil Cameron (ENG)
Mr Stephen Goldie (AH), Dr Shiva Akbarzadeh (AH), Dr Marisa Herson (AH), Professor Anton Peleg (AH), Dr Ana Traven (MNHS)
Alfred Health
Neural, vision and mental health
Associate Professor Winston Chong
Brain aneurysms
Use of computational fluid dynamics to develop a clinical diagnostic tool that assesses risk of rupture of an individual aneurysm
Professor Mark Thompson (ENG)
Leon Tat Lai (MH), Mr Eldho Paul (FMNHS), Professor Yi Qian
Monash Health
Trauma, emergency and intensive care
Professor Dan Lubman
Mental health and addiction
Develop emergency service electronic data analysis system to aid emergency response to overdose, self-harm and acute mental health emergencies
Professor Geoff Webb (FIT), Professor Wray Buntine (FIT), Professor Falk Schreiber (FIT), Dr Christoph Bergmeir (FIT), Mr Matthias Klapperstueck (FIT)
Associate Professor Belinda Lloyd (EHCS, MNHS), Mr Gene Bawden (MADA), Dr Caroline Gao (EHCS, MNHS), Dr Cherie Heilbronn (EHCS, MNHS)
Eastern Health
Professor Mark Fitzgerald
Trauma resuscitation
Trauma resuscitation – develop wireless heads-up display for real-time decision support
FIT researchers - algorithm development
Alfred Health
Dr Jason Lickliter, Dr Andrew Hayden
(Lickliter, Hayden and Suzuki)
Utilise advances in nanotechnology to develop novel cancer therapeutics
Professor Kiyonori Suzuki (ENG), Professor Laurence Meagher (ENG), Associate Professor Cordelia Selomulya (ENG)
Professor Magdalena Plebanski (AH)
Alfred Health
Dr Stephen Ting
Leukemia stem cell detection
Single cell identification, separation, isolation and assay of bone marrow and leukemia stem cells
Associate Professor Adrian Neild (ENG)

Alfred Health
Kidney disease
Professor David Kaye, Professor Karin Jandeleit-Dahm
Chronic kidney disease
Development of a diagnostic device for simultaneous detection of two important biomarkers in chronic kidney disease
Dr Tuncay Alan (ENG)
Professor Ian Smith (MNHS), Professor Mark Sleeman (MATF), Dr Sanjay Kuruppu (MNHS)
Alfred Health
Dr Kenneth Tan
Newborn intensive care
Decision support tool development for care of pre-term infants in intensive care – avoidance of alert fatigue
Associate Professor Vincent Lee (FIT), Ye Lu (ENG)
Mr Dawei Sun (FIT)
Monash Health
Surgical training and instrumentation – paediatrics
42, 44, 47
Mr Ram Nataraja
Surgical training tools and simulators 
Training tool development for optimisation of movement economy in surgical procedures                                                                 
Professor Sunita Chauhan (ENG)
Professor Paul McMenamin (MNHS)
Monash Health
Surgical training and instrumentation
Dr Stuart Marshall
Nerve damage
Develop pressure-sensing endotracheal tube to minimise laryngeal nerve damage during thyroid surgery
Dr Jean-Michel Redoute, Dr Mehmet Yuce (ENG)
Dr Jonathan Serpell (AH), Professor Paul Myles (AH), Dr James Lee (Alfred HH)
Alfred Health
Imaging and diagnostics
Professor Ken Thomson
Automated diagnostic report analysis
Development of a system to analyse diagnostic reports and provide alerts for significant findings to clinicians
Professor Ingrid Zukerman (FIT), Dr Reza Haffari (FIT)
Associate Professor Karin Verspoor (Uni Melb), Associate Professor Lawrence Cavedon (RMIT)
Alfred Health

Clinical champion
Project title
Short description
from Eng/IT
MIME Student Summer Projects
Cardiovascular and lung disease
Dr Tony White
Call to resuscitation by mobile phone
Development of a system identifying and calling cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) trained individuals to attend cardiac events occurring within a 500 m radius via smart phone and GPS
Associate Professor David Taniar (FIT), Dr Maria Indrawan-Santiago (FIT)

Monash Heart
Professor Rachelle Buchbinder
Social media analysis of patient experience to develop an online data collection tool
Professor Frada Burstein (FIT), Dr Pari Delir Haghighi (FIT)

Neural, vision and mental health
Dr Joanne Enticott
Mental Health
Develop web-based interactive map that provides information on area-based mental health needs
Mr Martin Atchison (FIT)

Monash Health