2015 MIME Showcase Event

We invited 20 senior executive, industry, finance and legal leaders to the first MIME ‘Showcase Event’ on Thursday, November 12 at the Monash Law Chambers in the City of Melbourne. The event was organised by Mr Ed Smith, the Monash Advancement Office and MIME staff. The aim was to highlight MIME and the medical technologies that are being developed by our researchers. We hope that this type of meeting will generate philanthropy or investment in MIME projects. We plan to hold these Showcase events at least once a year.

At this event we were fortunate to have the Professor Frieder Seible, Dean of Engineering and Mr Peter Rogers, Chair of the Monash Engineering Foundation speaking about MIME. We also had three presentations from the Director MIME, Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld on progress in developing the Monash Bionic Vision Device, Professor David Kaye, Senior Cardiologist and Researcher at the Alfred Hospital and the Baker IDI Institute on the community burden of heart disease and new heart devices that he is developing and Professor Paul Fitzgerald from the Alfred Psychiatry Research Institute on a new device he is developing using trans-cranial magnetic stimulation to potentially treat patients with depression and other psychiatric illness. The invited guests showed a great deal of interest in MIME by the questions they posed after the presentations and in the productive informal discussions with MIME staff over wine and cocktails after the event.