Upcoming MIME Seminars and Events

Thursday 29 September - Dr Andrew Nunn Seminar, Monash University 

11 - 13 October - Monash Health Innovation and Improvement Expo, Monash Medical Centre 

Friday 28 October - Eastern Clinical School Affinity Meeting, Eastern Health 

Thursday 29 September - Dr Andrew Nunn Seminar
The Potential of Current and Emerging Technology to Improve the Management and Lives of those with Spinal Cord Injury

Dr Andrew Nunn is a Spinal Physician, Director of the Victorian Spinal Cord Service, which is involved in comprehensive care from accident with acute management, rehabilitation, community integration, and long-term follow-up.

Traumatic spinal cord injury results in high disability and resource burden. The simplistic per annum costs are well in excess of $5 million for paraplegia and $10 million for tetraplegia. Solutions are there, but need application and translation of the technology so that they are suitable models for disability and aged care.

Functional outcomes of traumatic spinal cord injury can be optimised by applying a combination of emerging technologies.
1. Improved early management, diagnosis, prognosis to best plan management
  • Neuro protection, ambulatory monitoring systems, neuro diagnostics, fMRI
2. Surgical advances including:
  • Augmenting limb function (nerve transfers are groundbreaking)
  • Improving control and the physiological interface 
  • Motor and sensory control including cortical arrays, stents alone and in combination with other technology, providing better sensors and feedback, and overall a higher level control such as BMI.
3. Implantable devices can assist with:
  • Respiration - (cough assist, diaphragmatic pacing) 
  • Bladder, bowel, sexual activity - (Brindley / Cleveland systems) 
  • Limbs function – (freehand and newer systems)
4. External devices such as conventional and myoelectric prostheses with exoskeletons; upper and lower limb robots that are commercially available.
5. Assistive technology that can increase independence, control of environment and reduce care costs.
6. Rehabilitation therapy facilitated by technology (robots, tele rehabilitation virtual reality etc.) that needs an individualised approach.
The future challenge of traumatic spinal cord injury is not just using increasingly improved and available emerging technologies in medicine, surgery and assistive devices, but how to bring disciplines together and apply these disciplines in combination, and thus target particular areas for collaborative project funding.

Thursday, 29 September, New Horizons, G29/30 12.30 - 1.30pm please RSVP to Susan Newland susan.newland@monash.edu if you would like to attend. 

11 - 13 October - Monash Health Innovation and Improvement Expo
Partnering for Innovation – Unlocking creativity to inspire change.
The Monash Health Innovation and Improvement Expo is returning in 2016 with a range of events across major sites from 11 – 13 October.

The second annual event builds on the successes of last year by unlocking creativity and partnership opportunities through a wide range of innovation and improvement displays, workshops, speakers and events.

The expo will feature a keynote address at Monash Medical Centre by Dr Louise Schaper, leader of Australia’s peak professional organisation for digital health and renowned advocate for the transformation of healthcare through partnerships in technology and information. This will be followed by a series of short presentations from staff, consumers and Monash Health partners whose successes resonate with the Expo theme ‘Partnering for Innovation’.

This year’s event will showcase a Technology Hub at the Clayton site, providing staff and consumers with a hands-on experience of the latest technologies and innovations in health. Staff will also have the opportunity to invigorate their own improvement journey through the Breakfast Seminar: ‘Energising Your Profile at Monash Health’.

Three Improvement Masterclasses will be held across bed-based and community sites. These sessions, facilitated by Monash Health Innovation and Improvement Advisors, will help staff transform their ideas to reality by breaking down essential steps in a project lifecycle, equipping participants with useful tools and resources to facilitate success.

Dandenong Hospital will host the Breakfast Seminar, an ‘Introduction to Design Thinking.’ This forum will provide staff with useful tools to cultivate empathy, drive cultural transformation and enhance patient experience to facilitate improvement in the clinical environment.

The HealthPlay, ‘Do You Know Me?’ will be facilitated by the Hush Foundation at the Kingston Centre. This live performance will invite the audience to reflect on the journey of care from the patient and family perspective in an aged care setting and provide an interactive forum for collaboration and participation to help deliver excellence in patient and resident care.

Monash Health Community provides the setting for a collaboration between Monash Health Innovation and Improvement and Monash Community at 122 Thomas Street. This event will feature an Improvement Masterclass and presentations from Monash Community clinicians, celebrating and inspiring current and future innovation and improvement opportunities in this setting.

Monash Health is a place for innovation and improvement. Come and partner with us on this journey!

Key dates:
Tuesday 11 October - Monash Community
Wednesday 12 October - Casey Hospital
Thursday 13 October - Monash Medical Centre ClaytonThursday 13 October - Kingston Centre
Thursday 13 October - Dandenong Hospital

For more information please see the Monash Health Innovation and Improvement Expo Program. Places are limited at some events so please RSVP to secure your place.

Friday 28 October - Eastern Clinical School Affinity Meeting 

MIME Affinity Meetings provide an opportunity for clinician researchers at our hospital sites to connect to researchers with enabling expertise in the areas of engineering, IT, design, science and biomedicine, etc. The meetings aim to foster new collaborative connections for clinicians and researchers interested in developing leading edge medical technologies.

Earlier in 2016, affinity meetings were held at the Alfred and Monash Medical Centre. Our next affinity meeting is planned for Eastern Clinical School on Friday, 28 October from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. This affinity meeting will be in preparation for the 2017 MIME Seed Fund Round. If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact MIME's Executive Officer, Susan Newland susan.newland@monash.edu